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How Sustainability and Luxury Design Can Work Together

How Sustainability Meets Luxury Design

Sustainability and luxury used to be mutually exclusive terms. However, as climate change and environmental concerns grow, the moral imperative to be sustainable and “go green” increases. Innovative designers and wealthy homeowners have begun to accommodate a growing market need. 

Going green and having a sustainable home no longer means going without. Now, there are beautiful, multi-million-dollar homes across the globe that have merged sustainability and green design. It’s now possible to be earth-conscious and still have an awe-inspiring home. 

Here are a few ways to combine luxury design with sustainability. 

Luxury Engineered Stone

Natural stone countertops and features are a must-have for every luxury home. As a bonus, it’s also a fantastic sustainable material. Stone is a natural and green material and contains no harmful chemicals. It’s also recyclable and is manufactured ethically and sustainably. Granite, marble, and quartz are popular natural stone choices. 

Quartz isn’t totally natural, as it’s an engineered stone. Still, when you compare the price of quartz countertops, and its relatively low-maintenance qualities, it’s a popular choice for luxury homeowners. 

Permeable Grass Driveway Paving 

When you’re looking for a luxury option to handle standing water, look no further than the permeable grass paver. Permeable paving systems collect rainwater and drain the water into the ground like the natural ground would. These pavers stabilize the soil, protecting the grass. 

Rather than keeping your typical lawn, going with a permeable lawn, allows you to handle overflow parking with ease, and protect your grass from puddles, heavy objects, and more. 

Use of Natural Wood (and other locally sourced materials) 

“Wood is not only sustainable; it’s also trending in luxury design. Reclaimed wood has become an interior designer’s dream. From wood flooring to ceiling beams, there are plenty of areas to use natural wood in luxury construction and design.” – Steve Lyon, Houston Home Remodeling Pros

Moreover, as a luxury homeowner, you can ensure all the materials from your home are sustainably sourced. Opting for bamboo flooring, or recycled building materials is one way to ensure the entire house is sustainable and chic. 

ICF Construction 

There’s no better construction for sustainability than ICF construction. Rather than using standard wood vs metal studs, consider ICF framing for your luxury home. It’s not only aesthetically appealing; it creates a nearly impenetrable barrier for airflow, making the home energy efficient. ICF constructed homes also stand up well to inclement weather. 

Solar Panels + Electric Car Charging Station

Speaking of energy efficiency, the true mark of a luxury home practicing sustainability is the use of solar panels and electric cars. A house that can generate its own electricity is a marketable stance towards eco-consciousness. Almost every luxury home on the green bandwagon either utilizes solar panels or geothermal heating and cooling.  

Giant Windows + Efficient Lighting 

Staying on topic, large windows are a sign of luxury design. But, place those windows strategically, and they also contribute to energy-efficiency. Another crucial marker for luxury-meets-eco-consciousness lies in lighting choices. Ensuring that all the lightbulbs are Energy Star rated, LED bulbs, and that the fixtures themselves are made from sustainable material, is a definite way to appreciate classic luxury design while honoring green principles. 

Vineyards, Orchards, and Organic Gardens

Organic vegetable gardens, orchards, and vineyards have become a staple for luxury estates. Organic gardening allows homeowners to partake in farm-to-table in their own environment. Plus, gardening encourages the natural growth and decomposition cycle our earth requires. Not only does it help create healthy soil, gardens product oxygen, fresh air, and natural shade. 

If a full garden sounds too intense, green walls and roofs are also gaining traction on luxury estates for similar reasons.  

Luxury and Eco-Conscious Design 

Clearly, luxury and sustainability aren’t mutually exclusive anymore. More and more designers and homeowners are up to the task of challenging the notion that you can’t be sustainable and live a luxurious life.

From incorporating locally sourced materials to considering energy-efficiency, to contributing to soil and ecosystem health, there are numerous ways to incorporate green elements into your luxury home design.  Even something as small as incorporating smart technology, which controls energy usage, or creating and collecting rainwater, can make a huge difference. 

As long as luxury homeowners recognize that they have the power and responsibility to design with the environment in mind, the luxury home market will continue to move more and more towards sustainability. 

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