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6 Reclaimed Wood Shelves Ideas For Home and Commercial Spaces

Reclaimed wood shelves add function, charm, and interest to any area of your home. Check out these 6 design ideas for inspiration.

Reclaimed wood shelves add function, charm, and interest to any area of your home. Check out these 6 design ideas for inspiration.

1. Built-in Niches Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Niches are a great way to add storage without sacrificing space. Because they go into a wall, they can add a lot of utility in even the smallest spaces. Creating niches with reclaimed wood shelves gives them interest as well as function. These niches are surrounded by brick and lined with more wood, so the textured shelves help bridge the gap between the materials visually and physically.

2. Long Shelves

Shelves are an incredibly versatile method of storage. Made out of reclaimed wood, these shelves can span long distances on the walls, while also being thick and sturdy enough to hold large amounts. This can give you a lot of utility and interest in small space; by lining your walls with reclaimed wood shelves you can add character while also giving yourself the ability to store and hold anything you may need.

3. Freeform Bookcases Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Reclaimed wood shelves don’t need to be installed singularly on the walls. They can also be used to create unique shelving units or bookcases. These wood shelves in varying lengths and thicknesses have been put together with industrial pipes to form some interesting and unique shelving units. Reclaimed wood shelves can be stacked or pieced together in a wide variety of ways so you can store whatever you need while complementing your design. 

4. Simple Shelf

Even if you don’t have a need for many shelves, a single reclaimed shelf can offer a lot of utility. This simple shelf is sturdy enough to hold a dozen full glass bottles. It’s also rustic enough to match the quartzite wall installation it’s installed on. The texture and color of the shelf are the perfect complement to the stone, completing the design, while the function lets this bar area get the most use possible. 

5. Built In Bookcase Reclaimed Wood Shelves

When space is at a premium, it’s possible to build right into the room itself to create the function and style you need. This reading nook by the window needed some additional storage, so reclaimed wood shelves were used to create a built-in bookcase. The wood perfectly matches not only the storage bench, but also the moldings in the room, creating a cohesive and functional design. 

6. Rustic Detail

While new cut wood can easily be formed into shelves, reclaimed wood shelves have a lot more interest and character to them. Much of the reclaimed wood has the original nail holes, saw marks, and patina from past use. So you’re not just getting shelves that bring function to your space, you also get shelves that bring a lot of interest and rustic design at the same time.

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