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Improve Office Productivity with These 5 Office Acoustic Panels Ideas

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Excessive noise is a common problem in any workplace environment. Coworkers, phones, and even office equipment can cause noise pollution that can interfere with daily work activities and slow down production. Noise isn’t just a distraction, it can also have harmful effects on the body.

Noisy work environments can trigger unwanted stress, anxiety, hearing loss and even cause aggression. We need to do everything that we can to help prevent disruptions and harmful side effects. By simply adding office acoustic panels and tiles into your office you can achieve a more comfortable sound level resulting in a healthier place to work.

There are several ways to add acoustic solutions into an office environment while being aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Here are several ways you can incorporate office acoustic panels and tiles into your office.

Modern Office Acoustic Panel Ideas

1. Wall Tiles

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Office acoustic panels are a simple way to lower noise to an acceptable level making for a more pleasing work environment. Full-height, slab-to-slab tiles mounted on interior walls will keep the outside noise out while absorbing inside noise making for a quieter workplace. Modern wall panels don’t have to be plain and boring. Stagger the colors and sizes to make an artistic statement or use one solid color for a stunning backdrop.

2. Mura Tiles

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Add sound absorption to your walls while adding texture with acoustic panel tiles. Available in 10 different colors, these panels were inspired by nature and will add stunning 3D design patterns to your walls. Choose between the Dune Tile which mimics shifting sand or the Wave Tile that was inspired by the ocean. 

3. Geometry Tiles

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Create visually inspiring designs with Acoustic Panel Geometry Tiles. These versatile tiles can create subtle accents or stunning patterns by alternating color and placement. You can easily turn your wall space into a piece of artwork. This product is very easy to install using a peel and stick design. Simply remove the backing and place them on the wall. With 20 different color choices and 5 different shapes, the designs are endless.

4. Partition Systems

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Partition Systems offer a different aesthetic approach to improving sound quality in a workplace. Paling Partition Systems are a great way to change a room in a hurry. They are free-standing and can be connected via joiners to create more accommodating work spaces and are available in 9 different colors. These partitions reduce sound and allow for more flexibility and arrangement options. These reconfigurable systems can be quickly disassembled and packed flat for easy storage.

5. Ceiling Panels

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Acoustic ceiling baffles are free hanging and can be hung at any height. All sides of the H-Baffle are exposed allowing for more sound absorption. Baffles can be used when a room is very large and wall space is limited. The increased surface area of the baffles is one of the main reasons they are used in large spaces. These systems can be purchased in 20 different color options.

From aesthetically pleasing designs to ease of use, office acoustic panels are the solution to noise pollution in your office. The benefits of acoustic wall panels usually go unseen, but if employees are constantly being distracted there is a good chance that an acoustic solution can be a benefit to your bottom line.

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