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21 Modern Farmhouse Fireplace Design Ideas That Are Seriously Cool

For a farmhouse, sprucing up your fireplace is a great way to make this architectural feature an excellent focal point for your space. Whether you want a simple approach or to make a bold statement, it’s important to get the styling right.


Below, we have put together superb farmhouse fireplace ideas to inspire you.

1. Marble-Framed Fireplace With Gold Mantel


The built-in blue-gray shelves provide an excellent backdrop, drawing attention toward the fireplace and completely framing it. All the other exquisite accents enrich this living room’s neutral and contemporary design.

In addition, the marble and the gold mantel work harmoniously with the space’s muted atmosphere while creating a focal point to accentuate the fireplace.

2. Exposed White-Washed Brick Fireplace Mantel


The exposed white-washed brick fireplace mantel and the white shiplap wall above create a rustic and cozy vintage look. The framed words on top of the floating wooden shelf and other accessories add an element and a contemporary touch to the traditional farmhouse look. In addition, the black and white checkered couch complements the overall cabin look.

3. White Shiplap Wall with Wooden Mantel Over Electric Fireplace


The white shiplap wall makes the black electric fireplace pop, making it the center of activity in the living room. The brown wooden hutch below contrasts nicely with the white wall, while the houseplant adds an element of nature to the look. In addition, the soft fluffy rug with black patterns adds texture and personality, creating a wonderfully rustic and modern design blend.

4. White Subway Pattern Fireplace Mantel with Decors 


The white subway pattern fireplace mantel complements the hushed gray wall, making the black fireplace the living room’s centerpiece. The black iron screen guard fence contrasts with the white mantel, bringing a simple and elegant look. In addition, the hanging mirror and various décor fragments like botanical garland complete the space above the fireplace. 

5. White Fireplace Mantel With Wooden Beams in Ceiling


The white sofa chairs were brought together with a rug and hanging light in the middle of the room to create a spotlight, making the fireplace the main focal point. The wooden beams on the ceiling complement the wood flooring, adding a rustic appeal. In addition, the indoor plants incorporate nature well into the farmhouse design.

6. Exposed White Brick Mantel Wal


The exposed white brick wall mantel wall provides contrast against the neutral color scheme of the space, making the fireplace pop up. Decorating the wooden mantel shelf with anchors pieces like overlapping mirrors and candles adds texture and interest to the eyes. The decor’s height variations also help keep the eyes moving from piece to piece.

7. White Brick Fireplace Mantel With Raised Hearth


The creamy white wall contrasts and makes the brick fireplace mantel pop out. In addition, the raised hearth serves as an architectural feature, creating a focal point to highlight the open fireplace further. The wooden accents and flooring with the decorative accessories like artworks bring the coziness of the rustic farmhouse style.

8.  Beige Mantel With Monochrome Color Scheme


Dark brown built-in shelvings paired with the beige mantel create a beautiful contrast that spotlights the fireplace. The furnishings and other decors blend the monochrome color scheme and natural tones, creating an airy atmosphere for the living room. In addition, the wreath with the artwork adds the modern element with touches of nature.

9.  White Marble Fireplace Mantel and Neutral Color Palette


The white marble mantel with grey veining highlights the living room’s focal point: the built-in fireplace. The gray walls make the living room spacious, while the furnishings with the same shades complement the neutral color palette of the space. The eye-catching features and decors also add plenty of texture, depth, and charm to the contemporary farmhouse design.

10. Rustic Wood Walls With Hanging Cone Fireplace


The wooden walls and ceiling beams serve as architectural features that create a rustic vibe and add warmth to the area. The hanging cone fireplace, the room’s main focus, provides more depth and character. In addition, the glass windows allow plenty of natural light inside, making the space bright and welcoming. The combination creates a warm and inviting feel to the cabin-inspired farmhouse.

11. Rustic Wood Ceiling Beams and Freestanding Fireplace


The creamy white walls create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The wooden ceilings beams and hardwood flooring pulls in the colors that helps balances the different architectural and decor elements together. The freestanding fireplace also serves as the center of activity in the room and provides height in the space.

12. Black Freestanding Fireplace and Indoor Firewood Storage


The offset white wall contrasts with the black freestanding fireplace, making it shine as a show-stopping element in the farmhouse living room. The indoor firewood rack with chopped logs and wooden floor adds a rustic look to the minimalist and contemporary design. The two photo frames with height variations create a center of attention, and the potted houseplant brings a natural element. 

13. Bold Monochrome Palette


The black wall with subtle mosaic patterns allows the black fireplace mantel with wooden hearth to complement the monochrome color palette. The white hanging frame makes a stark contrast against the black hue, creating a focal point in the room. In addition, the golden accents and rattan furnishings add visual appeal and sophistication to the timeless, contemporary farmhouse look.

14. Rustic, Cabin-Inspired Design


The contrast between the wooden elements and the open electric fireplace creates a rustic, cabin-inspired design with subtle modernity touches. The chopped wood arranged on the racks and decors works well with the design aesthetic, adding warmth and coziness to the vibe. The fireplace hearth and wooden mantel also draw attention to the space’s main feature: the fireplace.

15. Nordic-Inspired Farmhouse Design


The offset-white wall with touches of brown and black fosters a clean and warm minimalistic style. Using a bold black hue and a muted gray provides the decors and furnishings texture, enhancing the space’s modern look. The high vaulted ceilings with wooden beams also create the perception of spaciousness in the living room.

 16. Simple and Minimalistic Approach


The decor elements are kept to a minimum, creating a simple and minimalistic approach. Using neutral hues like black, white, and gray with touches of the warm tones of wood create a traditional, rustic farmhouse style.

The contrast of the black freestanding fireplace against the white wall makes it the center of activity in the living room. The log hoop firewood rack with chopped logs adds to the subtle rugged look.

17. Modern Cottage-Inspired Design


Floor-to-ceiling windows allow ample natural flow inside the living room and make the room look spacious. The black freestanding fireplace is complemented with black furnishings, adding character and sophistication. In addition, the wooden ceiling beams and patterned carpet adds personality and warmth to a modern, cottage-inspired interior design.

18. Clean, White Fireplace Mantel


The white walls complement the white fireplace mantel and accentuate the open fireplace with a wrought iron diamond pattern screen. The hardwood floor and wood accents add warmth and a pop of color, breaking the domination of white in the space. In addition, the hanging television adds a touch of modernity, while the patterned curtains and carpet add texture and personality to the cozy, minimalistic style. 

19. Rustic, Cabin-Inspired Design with Unique Stone Fireplace Mantel


The rustic wood walls and flooring creates a cabin-inspired living room, making the space look outlandish yet natural and cozy. The unique shape of the stone fireplace mantel with a wreath serves its purpose as the highlight of the living room, and the wreath on the unique mantel adds a greenery element to it. In addition, modern artwork on the wall adds subtle modernity to the atmosphere.

20. Neutral and Pastel Color Scheme with Marble Mantel


The front-to-ceiling windows with pastel pink flowy curtains accentuate the living room’s height and spaciousness. The touches of neutrals to pastel hues create a light and simple, minimalistic style. In addition, the modern artwork above the marble mantel and the built-in fireplace adds elegance, while the garland adds texture and natural elements to it.

21. Exposed Red Brick Fireplace and Wood Accents


The exposed red brick fireplace against the white backdrop wall intentionally attracts the eyesight to the room’s focal point. The bright orange couch adds a splash of color against the neutral color scheme of the space, while the wooden accents make the atmosphere rustic yet cozy and inviting. In addition, the modern artwork enhances the room’s design aesthetic and adds a visual appeal.

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