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7 Farmhouse Office Design Ideas


When you want to give a modern twist to your traditional farmhouse, you can always add an office area to serve as your personal space. To help elevate your farmhouse, here are seven office design ideas that feature elegance, style, and simplicity.

1. Cute White and Brown Farmhouse Office 


A traditional farmhouse will certainly become more modern with a cute white and brown office. It’s stylish while maintaining the simplicity and minimalist design you want. Pair this office idea with a patterned carpet and unique tables to give off a hint of sophistication and uniqueness. 

This office idea looks clean and easy to maintain, making you feel relaxed as you finish your work for the day. 

2. Wooden Nature Farmhouse Office


Show off your love for nature with this farmhouse office idea. It features a neutral brown shade with a green accent from your indoor plants. Don’t forget to water your plants daily to keep them healthy and alive.

Set your table near your window for that natural light, making you feel relaxed while breathing in the fresh air. For a homier vibe, add minimalist abstract paintings on your white walls. 

3. Rustic Farmhouse Office


You can never go wrong with simple designs. This rustic farmhouse office idea features a wooden brown shade for your table and chair that will blend perfectly with your wooden floors. Add accents on your table like a white lamp or a vase for that extra pop of color. 

Choose a white wall so that it won’t overshadow your table and chair set-up, making its rustic design stand out. 

4. Spacious Brown Farmhouse Office with Wall Accent


Accent your brown office with a patterned wall to boast its individuality and your creativity. Choose varying shades of brown to match your farmhouse setting while choosing a more vibrant color for that sofa for an extra pop of color. 

Let your office exude a rustic and farmhouse vibe by choosing rattan details to complete the wooden look of your area. A few pieces of abstract painting will also make your office look warmer.

5. Cozy Blue Green Farmhouse Office


You would want to relax in your office, and a great option for your relaxation is designing your office the same way you would design your bedroom.

If you are a fan of colors, choose blue and green for your table and chairs, and add curtains to your windows for the complete homey vibe. Make your office represent your identity by creating a mini library of all your favorite books.

6. Mysterious Vintage Brown Farmhouse Office


If you want to give off mysterious vibes to your introverted personality, choose dark brown for your farmhouse office. Accent your white wall with a brown table and stool and your cabinets for your books and other belongings. 

Give your office a vintage twist by placing old things that are memorable to you. Complement your office’s overall look by adding black details such as a lamp or containers. 

7. Vintage Attic-Inspired Farmhouse Office


An attic-inspired farmhouse office is a perfect design when you want your office to be located on the topmost floor. Choose a rustic brown color for your furniture to match your roof’s shade, and add a pop of color by choosing metallic blue for your chair. 

Don’t forget to decorate your office by adding books and indoor plants, creating individuality representing you.

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