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7 Farmhouse Door Trim Design Ideas


When you want to elevate and freshen up the look of your farmhouse’s exterior, one simple way to do that is to renovate and put accent details on your door. To help you out, here are seven unique door trim design ideas to give a modern and stylish take to your traditional farmhouse.

1. Metallic Blue Farmhouse Door Trim


If you love to mix and match different colors, try combining metallic blue door trim details to your vibrant orange farmhouse doors. It’s a unique color combination that will make your farmhouse stand out while giving your property a creative individuality. A metallic finish is also a great way to provide a smooth accent to your textured walls. 

2. Classic White Farmhouse Door Trim


If you want a classic outer outline for your door that perfectly goes well with any color or texture, a white farmhouse door trim is an idea you should look out for. The white accent provides a modern take to your front door while making your front porch look clean and simple. 

White never goes out of style, so you don’t have to worry about having to change the color of your door trim every time. 

3. Rustic Black Farmhouse Door Trim


Your rustic farmhouse with varying shades of brown will go perfectly with the black-colored door trim. Thanks to the overall brown exterior, it will look homier and more welcoming with the black accent while maintaining its rustic vibes.

For a uniform color combination, place black outlines on your roof, too, making the overall look of your farmhouse unique.

4. Forest Green Farmhouse Door Trim


Make your farmhouse look like it belongs in a forested neighborhood with a forest green door trim. This color perfectly accents a brown door, making your property look more rustic yet stylish. 

The forest green color will also go perfectly with your front porch outdoor plants, creating a wildlife vibe that will attract farm animals (if you love them).

5. Earth-Tone Farmhouse Door Trim


Go for an earth-tone farmhouse door trim when you want to combine sleekness with sophistication. The earth-tone brown color goes perfectly well with your black exterior, providing an accent to make your farmhouse look less edgy but more elegant. 

Additionally, the earth-tone door trim will also emphasize your front door and make your farmhouse look more mysterious, allowing your property to stand out in your neighborhood. 

6. Elegant Burgundy Farmhouse Door Trim


The best way to accent your white exterior is by providing pops of colors, like adding burgundy accents to your windows and front door. This color exudes a sophisticated vibe while making your farmhouse look like royalty that stands out in the neighborhood. 

Complement the burgundy detail with a green roof that makes your farmhouse match a forest setting. 

7.  Modern Brown Farmhouse Door Trim


Farmhouses can be modern and look like traditional residential houses too. Accent your doors with a brown color trim which can also give off a warm and rustic vibe to your property. 

The shade of brown matches well with a cream or white exterior, making your front door stand out. If you want your doors to be the star of your front porch, choose the color white for the outlines of your windows.

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