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Going Bold with Blue Quartz Countertops


There are many colors that are popular and prized for kitchen countertops. And many shades that get a lot of use simply because they’re so readily available. But, there is nothing quite like the mystic and pull of a blue countertop.

This may be because blue granite is so rare, costing hundreds of dollars a square foot. Homeowners desiring even a hint of blue in their counters often have to pay significantly more for their granite, while those wanting a true blue need to pay even more. And many of these blue stones end up mixing in gray, gold, white, and other shades that may not be as desirable.

This is what makes blue quartz countertops so appealing. Their consistency in shade and color, combined with their more reasonable price tag means that anyone can have the beauty and eye-catching of a blue countertop. 

The Rarity of Blue

Blue marble and blue granite as well as blue quartzite all exist. But they’re found in much smaller quantities than other colors of natural stone. The minerals that turn the stone blue are also found alongside other minerals, which can sometimes cause a stone to have other colors in it, such as brown or yellow. In some other cases, the amount of blue minerals may be patchy or sporadic, so the stone quarried may have large amounts of white or gray.

All of this leads blue stone countertops to have a very high price tag. Blue/gray countertops and light blue countertops tend to be a little more available, and therefore slightly less expensive. But a true blue, such as Lapis Lazuli may cost as much as $600 a square foot. For the average 30 square foot countertop, this can get prohibitively expensive for most homeowners.

Blue Quartz Instead

Quartz countertops are made from a mixture of natural quartz along with resins and pigments. This makes the countertops extremely strong, durable, and long maintenance. It also means that the color of the countertop can be controlled. Blue countertops can therefore be more consistent in color – no brown or yellow. You also don’t need to be concerned that the slab will be mostly white with only a small amount of blue here and there.

Blue quartz countertops have a rich color that extends throughout the slab. You can find blue quartz countertops that sparkle for a contemporary look or blue quartz that’s a little more subdued for a transitional kitchen.

Using Blue Quartz in the Kitchen

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Like any countertop, blue quartz can fit into a space better if steps are taken to coordinate it with the surrounding styles and materials. The richness of a blue countertop will be a dominating factor of any kitchen design. This means that it will work best in kitchens that let it take center stage.

Whether you choose a blue/gray quartz countertop, a sparkling blue, or a light blue quartz countertop, pay attention to what undertones or flecks the color may have. These can be your accent colors and will allow you to tie it in better with the rest of the room.

For example, most blue countertops work best with a white cabinet to let the blue really pop. A white backsplash, white floor, and white accents, however, would be too much in the space. Using blue for these areas, however, would create a very stark style that doesn’t always match the architecture of the room.

Therefore, the best way to pull the other colors for the space and make sure everything coordinates is to take a look at the undertones. Blue quartz will often have flecks of black, white, or gold that you can incorporate into other areas. You can also take some of the shades or the blue itself and move it up or down the color spectrum a few shades. For example, you could use a blue quartz countertop with white shaker cabinets, a distressed gray wood floor, and include a backsplash that’s a mixture of white, light blue, and yellow handmade tiles. This pulls all the colors together and creates one, cohesive design.

Because blue quartz countertops can come in varying shades, be sure to look at samples alongside samples of your cabinetry and flooring to find the best possible fit for the room. Leave accent choices like wall color and backsplash for last to make sure that all the colors come together beautifully.

Consider Blue Quartz Countertops for Your Kitchen

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Blue quartz kitchen countertops are eye catching, beautiful, and statement making. Whether you want to make your counters pop, you want to create a contemporary space with a bold focal point, or you want a way to include a lot of life and color in your kitchen, a blue quartz countertop is a great way to go. Consider blue quartz for your kitchen to make the statement you’ve always dreamed of.

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  1. I’d love to know about a blue quartz bathroom vanity top cut for one sink to the left side and 60 inches long. any thing?

  2. I am looking for that exact blue quartz for a kitchen remodel. I understand Bala Blue is discontinued. Do you know how to find any remaining slabs of it anywhere near Frederick, MD?

  3. Can I get the name of a company is South Florida who has a slab of the Blue Quartz? I need approximately 25″ x 80″. Thank you!

  4. I’ve spent many hours looking for blue quartz counter top to no avail. Who carries it? Anyone in South Dakota by chance?

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