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Prosoco MVP vs Prosoco Cat 5: What Should You Choose

If you are looking for an air and water barrier, you may be wondering which one is right for you: Prosoco MVP or Prosoco Cat 5. 


Both are high-performance coatings, but there is a substantial price difference between the two. While MVP offers a water-resistive barrier, Cat 5 gives you waterproofing. Plus, Cat 5 can withstand more extreme weather conditions.

In this article, we will dive into the similarities and the differences between the two.

What’s Prosoco R-Guard Spray Wrap MVP?


Prosoco R-Guard Spray Wrap MVP is an air and water-resistive barrier that is fluid-applied. The barrier stops water and air from leaking into most walls, including cavity walls, stucco, EIFS, and masonry veneer construction. Prosoco MVP dries into a rubberized membrane that is extremely durable. 

MVP contains precipitated calcium carbonate, a proprietary acrylic polymer, titanium dioxide, and propylene glycol.

Prosoco’s spray wrap offers top-notch protection from water intrusion, and it also minimizes condensation within the structure’s walls. Since the membrane adheres to common surfaces, conforms to existing wall shapes, and is compatible with nearly all sealants and paints, it offers superior protection to almost any building. 

Prosoco R-Guard Spray Wrap MVP is generally sold in 5-gallon buckets with a cost ranging from $160 to $225, depending on the retailer.

What’s Prosoco Cat 5?


Prosoco R-Guard Cat 5 is an air and water-proof barrier that is applied with either a sprayer or roller. The barrier stops water and air from permeating into “above-grade” structural surfaces. The weather-proofing membrane is seamless and very durable — offering everyday protection as well as extreme weather-proofing. It can be used on CMU backup walls, precast concrete, and exterior sheathing. 

Cat 5 contains limestone, a proprietary polymer, a proprietary silyl terminated polymer, aminoethyl aminopropyl trimethoxy silane, and dibutyltin diacetyldiacetonate.

Prosoco’s Cat 5 offers extreme protection from water and air intrusion. While it is good for everyday climate conditions, it can also offer protection from extreme weather. The name Cat 5 was given because it can withstand the torrential rains and 155+ mph winds in a Category 5 hurricane.

Prosoco R-Guard Cat 5 is generally sold in 5-gallon buckets and costs roughly $600, depending on the retailer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Prosoco MVP


  • Halts energy loss through cracks in the wall assembly
  • Minimizes water damage risk to sheathing thus cutting down on repairs and replacement costs
  • Since it is vapor permeable, it allows moisture that has accumulated in the wall assembly to dry
  • Labor cost is reduced because installation is quick and easy
  • As flexible and durable as a rubber coating, but with the ease of application associated with a water-based coating
  • Can be exposed to weather elements for up to six months without compromising its integrity
  • Can be installed with conventional spray equipment
  • Does not have a strong odor, and it complies with VOC regulations
  • Non-toxic


  • Difficult to get an even application when rolled on
  • Requires high-powered sprayer
  • You cannot paint over Prosoco R-Guard Spray Wrap MVP

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cat 5


  • Damage is easy to repair
  • Does not require primer and bonds to most materials
  • Cures in damp or wet weather
  • Breathable which prevents moisture from being trapped
  • Solvent and Phthalate free
  • Does not yellow
  • Mold resistant


  • Allergic reaction can occur with skin contact
  • May cause birth defects and infertility
  • Can’t be used in areas immersed in water

Where is Prosoco MVP Used?

Prosoco MVP aids in the separation of the intended interior environment from the outside environment. It provides seamless continuity and structural integrity, reducing uncontrolled air leakage. It boosts temperature, humidity, moisture, and air quality control which cuts down on the possibility of mold development.

Prosoco MVP also helps prevent water from entering the building enclosure. As a water-resistive barrier, when MVP is combined with flashing and other materials, it works to ensure water is directed to the exterior and thus evaporated.

Prosoco MVP can be used on:

  • Sheathing wall seams
  • Inside/outside wall corners
  • Pipe or mechanical penetrations
  • Window head flashings
  • Roof to wall transitions
  • Vertical expansion joints
  • Sliding glass doors

Where is Prosoco Cat 5 Used?

Prosoco Cat 5 prevents air leakage. Building materials, such as building felt, concrete block, building wraps, and gypsum wallboard, may prevent some air leakage. However, adding Cat 5 air barrier is a more aggressive solution.

Prosoco Cat 5 also acts as a waterproof barrier, and it limits the amount of water and water vapor diffusing through the wall. Cat 5 is capable of maintaining a barrier even with torrential hurricane-force rains. 

Prosoco MVP can be used on:

  • Sheathing wall seams
  • Inside/outside wall corners
  • Pipe or mechanical penetrations
  • Window head flashings
  • Roof to wall transitions
  • Vertical expansion joints
  • Sliding glass doors

So, Should You Choose Prosoco MVP or Procoso Cat 5?

If you need to make your building or home air and water-tight, you can’t go wrong with either of Prosoco’s high-performance coatings. Both can be applied with a sprayer, and both offer top-notch protection. 

However, if you live in a very humid climate, Cat 5 may be the best choice for you. It is the more expensive option, but it can be applied to damp surfaces. Cat 5 is also the way to go if you live along the coast and have to contend with extreme weather.

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