5 Commercial Decking Design Ideas To Inspire Your Next Project


Beautiful decks and creating useful or relaxing outdoor area isn’t just a subject for residential homes. Commercial spaces, such as offices, hotels, apartment complexes, and retail centers, are ideal candidates for an outdoor decking renovation. Not only will it increase the value of the property, but most importantly it offers places for building occupants and staff to reap the benefits of spending more time outdoors.  

5 Commercial Decking Designs To Inspire Your Home Exterior

1. Encourage Employee Interaction And Happiness With An Outdoor Lounge

Image Credit – Kebony.com

Employee satisfaction and happiness play a significant role in productivity. Similarly, spending time outdoors offers employees a chance to get fresh air outside of the standard office breakroom. Creating an outdoor break room of sorts promotes both benefits.

An outdoor deck, complete with comfortable furniture and something unexpected, like this fire pit, encourages employees to go outside during their break. This space also doubles as a very comfortable space for meeting with clients or customers, holding office events, and to use as an alternative space for staff meetings. Multi-purpose spaces are always an advantageous renovation for businesses.

2. A Simple Outdoor Deck With Unique Shade Structures Draws Interest

Image Credit – Kebony.com

Commercial decks don’t need to be overly elaborate to be effective, useful, and intriguing. This fairly simple modified wood deck is instantly eye-catching thanks to the unusual shade structures placed over it. 

By using modified wood, which is exceptionally durable and requires very little care, this deck will withstand the elements for decades. The shade structures not only look artistic, but they also function as providing overhead cover for those relaxing on the deck.

Including similar overhead structures for your own deck is a way to expand their usability by allowing people to still get outside during rainy weather. Standalone structures are also more cost-effective than a covered roof or roof extension built off your existing building.

3. Expand Dining Space For Visitors With A Wood Deck And Picnic Tables

Image Credit – Kebony.com

A rectangular deck can be quite easily built onto an existing building. Decks can be built off of dining areas to expand space for those eating lunch or just relaxing.

This modified wood deck has already aged a bit and gained a lovely grey patina. The tables have a classic picnic table design, with gives more seating and surface-space than smaller tables with chairs. The deck also connects to the surrounding deck that encompasses this museum. This layout helps with controlling foot traffic as visitors can leave via the staircase or wraparound deck rather than back through the building.

4. Make The Most Of Rooftop Space With A Deck And Modern Furnishings

Image Credit – Kebony.com

If the property your commercial building is on doesn’t allow for a ground-level deck, another option is a rooftop deck or a similar design. This particular building functions as office headquarters as well as employee training and events.

Here you’ll see that this deck offers incredible views of the scenery and has been outfitted with an array of different furnishings. Containers plants add greenery to the space and the different seating options of chairs or cushions are creative and fun. 

When flooring a rooftop deck it’s very important to choose a very weather-resistant material. Modified wood is an excellent choice as constant exposure to the elements won’t cause damage. Since this material does require any surface treatments, maintenance will be cut to a minimum. If standard surface-treated wood was used, you’d need to restain and reseal often due to strong sun exposure. 

5. A Unique Business With An Inviting Multi-use Decking Design

Image Credit – Kebony.com

Commercial spaces aren’t always office buildings or warehouses. In the case of the innovative business GoBoat in Stockholm, Sweden, sometimes the decking you choose plays a major part in the function of the business. 

This terraced outdoor deck connects directly to the docks for GoBoats fleet. The small building is already clad in wood to create a cohesive, naturalistic look. You’ll also notice that the tables built into the boats are also wooden. Since the dock and decking will be exposed to humid and wet conditions, modified wood was an ideal choice.

The deck itself, with its terraced steps, not only make it easy for guests to walk down to the boats but also serves as a space to sit. 

Modified Wood For Your Commercial Deck

Modified wood is an ideal material for all styles of commercial decking. Modified wood is naturally beautiful and, through minimal processing, remains a true real wood product.

While standard wood decking is attractive, it’s often avoided for commercial purposes due to issues with durability and high-maintenance needs. Modified wood requires very little care in the form of basic cleaning and its overall hardness makes it perfect for high foot traffic settings.

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