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Engineered Wood – A Pet Friendly Flooring Material for Veterinary Clinics


Veterinary hospitals are carefully designed to best facilitate the care and treatment of animals. Whether it is a comprehensive pet medical center or modest private practice, staff efficiency and the comfort of clients while they wait is also of the utmost importance. While there are certainly some very impressive, architecturally-advanced veterinary hospitals out there, often it is the small areas of interior design that have the most significant impact. 

The flooring you choose for your veterinary hospital has a significant impact on the overall interior design of your facility. The right commercial flooring will provide you many years of service, be easily maintained, and ideally add beauty to your practice. One such product that meets and exceeds these needs is engineered hardwood flooring, a real wood flooring product that has been infused acrylic with incredible results. 

Advantages of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

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Aesthetic appeal certainly isn’t everything, and veterinarians are well-aware of how much abuse their floors will take on over their years of practice. Engineered wood flooring is a unique product that is slowly but surely gaining popularity as a commercial flooring option, with obvious advantages of standard wood and alternative materials. 

Engineered wood is an excellent flooring choice for a number of reasons, but it takes the edge over the competition due to these six major benefits. 

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1. Real Wood Beauty

There is little argument over the idea of real wood flooring being one of the most beautiful options. Engineered wood flooring allows you to capture that unique, handsome appeal of wood without any of the weaknesses or high-maintenance needs of older, standard wood floors.

2. Superior Durability

Engineered wood flooring is exceptionally strong, being 300% denser and more durable than standard wood flooring. This wood flooring designed with high-traffic, commercial use in mind. It can withstand a high volume of foot traffic, movement of equipment, and scratchy pet nails with ease. 

3. Slip Resistance

Slips can easily occur on certain types of flooring, and an accidental fall for staff or an animal patient can lead to serious injury. Engineered hardwood has a subtle natural grip to it, similar to standard wood floors. 

4. Moisture Protection

While 300% denser than standard hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring isn’t waterproof, but it is exceptionally water- and moisture-resistant. Water spills or a potty accident can easily be cleaned up from these floors without worry.

5. Odor and Stain Resistance

Veterinary hospitals certainly need floors that resist staining and odors. Though you shouldn’t put engineered hardwood flooring in wet areas (i.e., dog runs/kennels) or surgical rooms, you can rest assured that any accidents that do occur can be easily cleaned up without worry of residual odor or a stain forming. 

Engineered wood flooring can be widely used throughout a veterinary hospital, such as in the lobby, waiting areas, exam rooms, bathrooms, offices, and other non-surgical or non-wet rooms (i.e., treatment rooms). The addition of this type of flooring instantly adds a warm, welcoming character without sacrificing durability.

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