9 Modern Commercial Bike Racks Built for Design and Function


Motivated by fitness or an eco-friendly lifestyle, more people are riding bicycles than ever before. That means that in urban areas, town centers and places with bike paths, bike racks are more frequently included as part of the design.

No matter the location, bike racks need to accomplish two things. The rack should be available for people to use throughout the day, and it needs to fit in well with its surroundings, remaining aesthetically pleasing even when not in use.

These nine commercial bike rack ideas will help you rethink what a bike rack could look like. Designed with both function and form in mind, these racks will enhance both the place and the user’s experience no matter where they are installed.

9 Most Popular Commercial Bike Racks Design Ideas

1. Tight Coils

Image Credit – idcreated.com

This busy area needs a lot of bike parking, which is what they’ve achieved with these tightly coiled rack designs. 

With numerous slots for bikes to sit, the low profile of the rack means it doesn’t take up a lot of visual space. At the same time, the racks are highly functional, giving just enough support to keep the bikes upright while ensuring it remains easy to use.

2. Urban Sculpture

Image Credit – idcreated.com

Commercial bike parking racks don’t need to look utilitarian to be useful. These dynamic racks add a lot of character and interest to the area, while still providing a safe place for people to store and lock their bikes when not in use. 

There’s generous space between the racks for maneuverability and that give users multiple angles and ways that a bike could be locked up. This gives users more freedom in the function of the rack.

3. The Key to Success

Image Credit – idcreated.com

Sometimes a touch of color or whimsy is necessary to liven up an area. That’s just what these boldly-colored, sculptural commercial outdoor bike racks do. 

With each rack presenting a different and eye-catching color, the racks help brighten up the space. The shape of the racks is equally alluring, allowing them to be used several ways and letting users decide how they want to store and lock their bikes.

4. Minimalist Design

Sometimes a space does need to prioritize function over form. Whether a minimal appearance is wanted or because space is at a premium, there are times when the rack needs to be simple to be effective. 

These circular racks allow freedom of movement around them for easier use. The sleekness of the design allows it to blend in well with its surroundings.

5. Industrial Design

Image Credit – idcreated.com

The ideal commercial bike parking rack will match the aesthetics and vibe of the entire property. In this case, an industrial style works to help the racks fit in better with their surroundings. 

These bike racks look as though they were crafted from rusted beams from a nearby loft. They add to the aesthetics of the building’s courtyard, rather than detracting from it, while still remaining functional.

6. Eye-Catching Coil

Image Credit – idcreated.com

Not all commercial establishments need a serious, minimalist or industrial style for their bike racks to fit in. Instead, a more playful and colorful rack can be the perfect complement to its location. 

This commercial bike parking rack is made from a single, large coil that allows the user to insert the bike between two loops. It’s playful and visually pleasing, but also very easy to use as the bike does not require any lifting to get it securely into place.

7. Pattern Play

Sometimes, a unique bike rack shape will best complement the surroundings that it’s installed in. This commercial area has a lot of different patterns and details already. Therefore, the best bike rack for the area has a design that will allow it to stand out, while still allowing for easy and functional bike storage.

8. In Tune Style

Image Credit – idcreated.com

Sometimes the best style takes attributes from nearby designs and materials, and incorporates them into a new device. In this case, the bike racks mimic the curve that the paving bricks take in their fishscale pattern. 

These commercial grade bike racks also enhance their surroundings by picking up a color used nearby. The shape of the racks, as well as the amount of space between them, ensures that they’re easy to use.

9. Rainbow Connection

Image Credit – idcreated.com

While these racks don’t touch one another physically, their colors identify them as being part of a single design. Each piece of the rack is easy to use, with multiple methods for locking up, as well as plenty of space for maneuverability.

Get Your Ideal Bike Rack

While it’s not always easy to find pieces that will fit your company’s and your space’s style with ease, these bike racks show it’s possible. Make your space functional and beautiful by investing in a commercial bike rack that meets all your needs.

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