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How to Remove Limestone Stain Efficiently and Easily


Limestone is one of the most beautiful materials you’ll find in both outdoor and indoor areas. It has an elegant, yet striking appearance that many business owners find perfect for laying floors or putting up walls. Limestone floors are a timeless tradition and can even be found in the pyramids.

Known for its ability to last for extremely long periods of time, limestone has a wide array of benefits that are associated with it when it comes to use in construction projects. One thing limestone is not impervious to, however, is being stained.

Stains from wine, dirt, food, sand, and other matter  can penetrate  limestone and turn it from beautiful to unsightly in no time. Because limestone is porous, it is able to absorb liquid and moisture much easier than other common building materials. In addition to this, limestone features a calcium base, meaning that it will react very badly with acidic substances.

Limestone Stain
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This makes answering the question of how to remove stains from limestone more difficult to answer when your commercial cleaning business is asked to do so. Limestone floors are sensitive and can only handle certain techniques during commercial cleaning. Simple water and/or baking soda will not be able to get the job done when cleaning limestone stains, you’ll need a bit more professional approach.

In order to fill you in on how to remove stains from limestone floors, let’s go over everything you’ll need to know to leave your clients satisfied with the job your team has done.

How to Get Stains Out of Limestone

Limestone Stain
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Because limestone is so sensitive to certain cleaners and acids, you’ll need to be very careful about what you choose to clean it with. Removing stains from limestone floors in a client’s building will require an organic, non-acidic cleaner that is pH neutral.

The first step to cleaning a limestone stain is to remove any debris that might be on the floor. Loose dirt, rocks, grass, and or anything else that may have been swept in from the outside needs to be removed before you can begin the process. Brooms and dry mops are the best tools for this. Vacuum cleaners can also be used but not if they have a spinning brush on them. This brush can damage the sensitive limestone.

Next, you’ll want to mop the floors with a cleaner of your choice. You may also wipe them with a soft rag if you need to spot clean. Apply the cleaner thoroughly to every part of the stain until it is gone. After you’re done removing stains from a limestone floor, you need to rinse the floor with warm water. Doing so will prevent any stickiness from being left over by the cleaner. Then, dry the floors and voila, a job well done!

How to Get Stains Out of Limestone Quickly and Easily

Limestone Stain
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When it comes to cleaning commercial limestone floors, you don’t want to use any DIY method to get stains out. If you want to know how to get stains out of limestone floors without harming them, you need a professional, non-acidic cleaner. Commercial professional cleaners are able to accomplish the task without any risk of damaging the floors, thanks to its non-acidic, alkaline composition.

If you need to get the job done right without any risk of botching it, you’d do well to use a product like this one. Whether you’ll be working on interior or exterior limestone floors, you can safely return them to their original appearance before being stained with ease. When you use a professional cleaner like this to clean limestone floor stains in a commercial building, you can complete the job with the highest degree of quality possible.

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