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Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?


The great news is that most vinyl sidings are some of the best materials to repaint. There are just a few steps to follow to ensure the paint job gets done the right way.

Pre-finished vinyl sidings have been promoted as “Never Having To Be Painted.” Although manufactured with strong coatings that are abrasive resistant, they too have a tendency to erode over the years leading to fading color and loss of gloss.  In extreme cases vinyl siding can come into contact with extreme weather and cause flaking, fading, or peeling paint. In any of these scenarios, the siding must be maintained or restored.

The great news is that most vinyl sidings are some of the best materials to repaint. There are just a few steps to follow to ensure the paint job gets done the right way.

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There is a lot of surface preparation involved before you paint your vinyl siding. Before you paint you must begin with a thorough wash. You can go the old fashioned route with soap and water by hand, which takes a bit longer, or you can use a high-pressure washer to clean off the siding. Old vinyl sidings have a tendency to have mildew or mold on them.

This moldy substance is a result of dirt being stuck on the siding and the mold feeling off of it. All mold/mildew must all be removed before new paint can be applied to avoid a weak adhesion with new paint. Products like pre-paint cleaner can be added to your cleaning solution to ensure everything gets washed away. In addition, all “loose coatings” need to be removed by scraping, sanding, or other by other abrasive methods. It’s always a good idea to coat bare areas with a primer.

Remember the paint you apply is completely dependent on how well you’ve washed the siding to begin with. The cleaner the surface, the better the paint will stick. Make sure you are using the correct paint for vinyl siding as well. You want it to last a long time not just chip off with any storm.

Visual Inspections

We encourage everybody to do a visual inspection on their siding before they start the paint project too. This can be easily done when you are cleaning your home. If you notice a ton of damage to individual pieces of siding you may want to consider replacing instead of painting because paint can’t fix holes or damaged siding pieces. Water can easily get through damaged siding and this is the quickest way to spend a ton of money down the line. Nobody wants water damage, trust us.

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Let’s be honest, painting can be a lot of hard labor too. It’s not easy painting over old vinyl siding. In addition, there’s one big downside to painting your house over replacing your siding, and that is you’ll have to paint it again every 5-10 years, whereas new siding will last a lot longer than that. New vinyl siding doesn’t have to get painted again for 25 years. So if you’re looking for a longer maintenance-free route you can consider getting new vinyl siding instead.

New vinyl siding is an easier solution than painting the entire exterior of your home. If you still really like the look of vinyl siding the good news is companies like Conservation Construction of Texas still sell it. New vinyl siding is even more impact resistant and durable than it was in the past. Advances in Vinyl Siding technology give it the durability to last a lifetime. It even has energy-efficient properties and can quiet your home. For example, new vinyl siding is resistant to winds of up to 110mph. It’s perfect for all climates including extreme humidity and bitter cold. So whether you live in Florida, Colorado,Texas or any other state, it will protect your house just as well wherever you are.

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The great news about new vinyl siding is that it is installed right over your old siding. It is installed with a specialized house wrap which insulates better and keeps away moisture from your house. On top of this, you get an expert team to install your siding for you. They install it right the first time and you don’t have to lift a finger. This may be a lot easier than painting your house. New vinyl siding is clean and can give you the look and feel of a new house without having to move.

You may also want to consider your budget. How much are you looking to spend on painting your house/getting new siding? Plan out how much you want to spend and see which option fits best with your budget. The good news is that repainting and siding replacement are both cost-effective home improvement projects. Plus, homeowners can typically recoup the cost of these projects with equity placed back into the home.

We hope we’ve solved the answer to the mystery of whether or not you can paint vinyl siding. It’s fairly easy to paint your home’s vinyl siding if you have the right cleaning methods and paint to do so.

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