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BuildDirect: Manufacturer Spotlight

BuildDirect is an innovative online marketplace where people can buy and sell high-quality flooring materials and home improvement products. It aims to simplify home improvement processes and equip the homeowner with the choices they need.

Its primary purpose is to provide professionals and DIYers with affordable, high-quality flooring materials and products delivered right to their doorstep.

BuildDirect Products

The BuildDirect marketplace can help you find a wide variety of high-quality flooring products in materials, including bamboo, cork, hardwood, and tiles. You can use their flooring to accentuate your room, bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor patio.

It also offers customers the opportunity to ensure that they’re choosing the right product for them by providing free flooring samples that ship overnight and offering advice on design choices such as wood floor trends.


Count on BuildDirect for the following flooring options:

  • Wood flooring options include laminates, bamboo, hardwoods, and engineered hardwood. The hardness, stability, grain, and hue depend on the species of wood you choose. Wood flooring is ideal for areas with low humidity and for homeowners who value beauty and warmth.
  • Tile flooring options include limestone, granite, slate, travertine, marble, porcelain, and ceramic. They can be modern or traditional in design. Tile flooring is durable, timeless, and versatile, so you can get them installed in kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces.
  • Vinyl flooring is easy to install and replicates the appearance of tiles, hardwoods, and other materials. It’s an economical flooring option that’s long-lasting, given the right kind of maintenance. Vinyl flooring is a good choice for areas that have high moisture.
  • Waterproof flooring options comprise materials that repel water and eliminate the buildup of moisture. These options reduce the risk of mildew growth and hazardous mold. Waterproof flooring materials include vinyl, ceramic, porcelain tile, and engineered flooring.


BuildDirect’s high-quality decking options enable you to make the most of your dream home by expanding it. The materials you’ll find at BuildDirect include real hardwood and composite decking options.

Their versatile, affordable decking materials let you uniquely pattern your house’s immediate outdoors by adding personality to your garden or patio. The options include:

  • Composite decking materials primarily comprise wood fibers and recycled plastics. They’re very low-maintenance options that still feel and look like real wood. Since composite decking products don’t require annual re-finishes, they’re an economical option for homeowners.
  • Wood decking materials include tiger-wood and ipe. These hardwood decking materials are incredibly dense and have a long life with the right kind of periodic maintenance, including re-sanding, re-sealing, and annual re-finishing.
  • Tile decking materials include stone, porcelain, composite materials, and real wood. The amount of maintenance these materials need depends on the type of deck tile you use. They make for quick, easy installation, thereby enabling you to cut back on labor costs.
  • Deck accessory products include fasteners, end caps, and screws. You’ll need the right accessories to install your decking material properly, so it’s vital that you closely follow the manufacturer’s guide.

BuildDirect’s Flooring Options For Stylish, Functional Homes

Flooring is an essential consideration when you’re choosing a design for any room in your house. The right flooring materials will add functionality and style to your space. For instance, if you’re about to select flooring for a high-traffic area such as your kitchen, you’ll want to use a durable material that can withstand spills and splashes without changing color such as rustic engineered wood flooring.

Their website offers customers a range of flooring options that match any taste and budget. Whether you’re looking for a hardwood floor for your patio or a ceramic tile option for your bathroom, BuildDirect is a great online resource for it all.

But what truly sets them apart is the fact that they offer free samples so you can easily explore materials and styles that are the best for you.  

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