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Brewery Flooring: The Importance Of Coatings And Maintenance


Brewery floors have one of the toughest jobs in the world. We all know the purpose that flooring serves, but brewery floors have it especially hard because they have to deal with all kinds of abuse you won’t find in any other type of facility. They need to possess a variety of characteristics that can help them function safely and effectively, and this largely depends on what they are coated with, how they are constructed, and how well they are cleaned and maintained.

In case you want to deepen your knowledge of brewery flooring, let’s dive into what kinds of coating and maintenance they require, as well as other things you can do to optimize your brewery floors.

Types of Brewery Floor Coatings

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There are a handful of different coatings you can use for your brewery floors. The most common are epoxy, urethane, MMA, and metallic epoxy. 

Regular epoxy is an adhesive coating that resembles thick super-glue. It is known for being cost-effective, easy to install, and durable. Epoxy does, however, need to be redone quite often, as it wears down quickly under the stress of everyday brewery life. 

Urethane is another type of similar floor coating. It is long-lasting, skid-resistant, and durable. It covers cracks easily, preventing the growth of bacteria. You should know how to remove sealer before attempting to lay urethane or any other sealant over a concrete floor. 

MMA, otherwise known as methyl methacrylate, is yet another brewery flooring option. It has a fast curing time and possesses all the other benefits that urethane and epoxy do. It also had far more color options and other aesthetic add-ons like quartz crystals.

Metallic epoxy is the same as regular epoxy, except for its metallic look. It has a very glassy sheen to it that breweries who are open to visitors love to use. It can also be treated to make it even more effective at preventing skid marks. 

The Ideal Brewery Floor Layout

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While all of the above options work excellently for handling brewery flooring duties, there are other things to consider with your brewery floors. The angling of your brewery floor drains, for instance, can have a huge impact on safety and sanitary conditions.  While some breweries use sloped floors around a spot drain, most breweries have moved on to more modern solutions like slot drains. 

Heavy duty trench drains are another efficient type of drainage option if your facility is not concerned about heavy spillage traffic or the presence of grates. There are many food-safe drainage options out there that are wide enough to allow solids to flow freely while preventing tripping hazards and withstanding the pressures of heavy machinery.

Cleaning and sanitization of your brewery floors is simple, and made even easier by slot drains. Cleaning should be done with normal cleaning supplies such as hot water, cleaning chemicals, and even high powered hoses for pressure cleaning. This ensures that the sanitation chemicals will reach every nook and cranny in the brewery and not be encumbered by dirt or grime. 

Slot drains will allow you to easily push runoff water and other liquids into them anywhere you are, as they can run the entire length of a brewery floor and provide an ever-present outlet for wastewater. They are thin, durable, discreet, and above all else – effective. 

Brewery Floors Serve a Crucial Role in the Success of Your Brewery

Brewery floors need to be kept at the highest possible levels of cleanliness to avoid contamination. By choosing the right floor coating as well as implementing slot drains, you can ensure that your brewery floors stay healthy and clean for as long as possible. 

Your brewery flooring can make or break your brewery, so be sure you’re making the right choices when it comes to drainage, resurfacing products, cleaning, and maintenance. Doing so will allow you and your employees to continue thriving well into the future.

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