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4 Best Tar Paper Brands That You Should Seriously Consider

Tar paper is considered a waterproof building material that works as an underlayment. Most commonly used as a roof underlayment, it works as a barrier that prevents the ingress of moisture. It also offers a thin layer of protection versus airflow. Also called roofing felt, tar paper is made from glass fibers, cellulose fibers, or polyester fleece that are compressed into thin sheets. These sheets are treated with asphalt or tar to make a waterproof composition. Typically, tar paper is utilized under roof shingles but it can also be used for hardwood floors and exterior siding.


It is sold in various lengths, widths, and weights. Tar paper is the more affordable option when compared to synthetic roof underlayment. Tar paper is readily available in construction supply outlets and home improvement stores. Typically, the sizes per roll are 3 feet wide by 50 feet or 100 feet long. It comes in 30-pound or 15-pound weight options.

Tar paper offers protection, especially if exterior elements of a building get lost or damaged. For example, if a roof shingle gets blown off, the underlying tar paper can help in protecting the sub-roof until the replacement for that shingle gets installed. Tar paper is perfect for homeowners with very tight budgets.  

Premier Tar Paper Brand Options

Homeowners seeking a more affordable option to add a layer of protection for their homes seek tar paper or felt paper as an alternative. Even though synthetic underlayment may offer more advantages, tar paper is still one good option to consider. Below are the best tar paper brands that homeowners should check out to make the budget work. 


GripRite is one of the premier brands when it comes to offering high-quality products. The company was established in 1975 and has grown into a popular brand that professionals nationwide prefer. Homeowners will not regret choosing Grip-Rite felt paper as it provides maximum protection from both rain and snow. It helps in effectively keeping water out. Grip-Rite felt paper also assists in extending a roof’s life. 

Grip-Rite felt paper is a product that offers strength and durability even in severe weather conditions.

The following are the top Tar Paper products by GripRite:

FLT30D226 2

– 36 in. x 72 ft. 

– 30# Asphalt Saturated Organic Felt Paper 

– Meets ASTM D226 Type I & ASTM D4869 Type IV


-36 in. x 144 ft. 

– 15# Asphalt Saturated Organic Felt Paper 

– Meets ASTM D226 Type I & ASTM D4869 Type II

FLT30D4869 2

– 36 in. x 72 ft. 

– 30# Asphalt Saturated Organic Felt Paper 

– Meets ASTM D4869 Type I

FLT15D4869 2

– 36 in. x 144 ft. 

– 15# Asphalt Saturated Organic Felt Paper 

– Meets ASTM D4869 Type I


Orgill is also one dependable underlayment brand. The Orgill Roofing Felt 30RF Standard Roofing Felt is available in two sizes. One is for smaller applications which is the 15RF version while the other, the 30RF version works best for larger projects. This product is not light as fabric cloth but also not as heavy as rigid cardboard. It’s a blend of sorts. The Orgill Roofing felt is a flexible felt that is made up of organic fibers that meet the ASTM 4869 standard.

One roll of this roof underlayment weighs 36 pounds. It can be utilized as an underlayment beneath wood shakes, asphalt shingles, tiles, and different other sloped layers. This roof underlayment has a 72 ft approximate length. That means homeowners can get 215 square feet coverage out of it. This saturated felt is impressive as it works best for its quality and value.

Gardner Coatings

Gardner Coatings offers heavy-duty asphalt roofing felt (30#) ASTM DD26 30#. This product is claimed to have the heaviest reinforced mat that’s saturated with premium-grade asphalt. It serves as highly ideal for roofing underlayment. This product works as an effective secondary layer of protection from different weather conditions such as ice damming and wind-driven rain. 


TAMKO is one of the premier brands offering tar paper underlayment in the country. The company started in Missouri in 1944 and has been providing high-quality building products ever since. The company has been producing residential and commercial roofing, cement, coating, and waterproofing products. Tamko has grown into a well-known brand that can be counted on.

Their product, the TAMKO NO.30 ASTM Asphalt Saturated Organic Felt is a perfect underlayment that can be applied over the deck before installation of asphalt shingles. 

Choosing Tar Paper

Tar paper or felt roof underlayment has been used for decades. This has been the primary roofing underlayment even before synthetic underlayment was introduced. Homeowners who want to cut costs for budgetary reasons should consider tar paper. The tar paper brands mentioned above are premier options that offer high-quality underlayment. A home requires protection, especially during severe weather conditions. Exposure to excessive heat, strong winds, and heavy rains should be an essential consideration for any homeowner who plans on reroofing or even constructing a new home. It would be smart to never discredit the importance of roof underlayment as it serves a very critical role. Even though synthetic roof underlayment is the best option and the most recommended by professionals today, tar paper of felt roof underlayment is still an option.

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