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The Best Peel and Stick Roof Underlayment Brands

The roof is the premier protection against extreme weather conditions. Rain, wind, snow, and heat can be the cause for a home to deteriorate due to underlying damages. It is highly essential to equip a home with a reliable and durable roof underlayment. Moisture and water leakage can cause a lot of problems and roof underlayment can help in providing the most beneficial solutions.


One of the more affordable options for roof renovation or even for new roof construction is peel and stick roof underlayment. Roof installers will have an easier time putting this type of underlayment in place. As per its name, peel and stick do not require any nailing and that lessens the need for labor.

One man can even work installing the rolls instead of having a whole team finish the entire task. Its self-adhesive feature makes it unique and advantageous. In addition to not having any nail holes, there would be fewer areas for moisture to gather. It also offers flexibility because it can work around even on ridges and dips unlike in standard roofing.

Smart Picks for Peel and Stick Roof Underlayment Brands

MFM Peel & Seal

MFM Building Products is one of the premier manufacturers of peel and stick underlayments in the United States. The company has been a leading manufacturer of weather barrier products since 1961. 

One of their best peel and stick underlayments is the MFM Building Product Peel & Seal Self Stick Roll Roofing. It has been considered as the original self-stick roll for roofing needs. It was designed specifically for low slope residential as well as commercial applications. It consists of an exclusive formula that includes high-density polymer films, laminated aluminized foil, and a layer of rubberized asphalt. This product has been popular for more than 30 years and many homeowners utilize it due to its characteristics such as durability, longevity, and a maintenance-free surface.

Installing this would not require torches, glues, fasteners, or mops. It is also designed for indefinite exposure to the elements. It features an adhesive system that does not dry out or crack and a surface that reflects heat. It helps in keeping internal temperatures down. This peel and stick roof underlayment comes in seven width sizes and four color options: white, aluminum, granite gray, and almond.

Another great advantage of Peel & Seal is that it has approval from the following: ASTM D 1970, LA County, Miami-Date County, ICC-ES ESR 1654, Texas Department of Insurance, and considered as UL Classified Prepared Roofing Accessory. The MFM Peel & Seal has a warranty of 10 years.

Titanium PSU-30

The Titanium PSU-30 features a modified asphalt peel and stick roof underlayment. It comes with a rugged surface as well as a self-sealing lap system. It is designed specifically for 2:12 or greater sloped roofing applications. The Titanium PSU-30 has been regarded as one of the most used peel and stick underlayment products today because of its all-temperature performance of -40 degrees to 240 degrees F. The lap seal system that it offers produces an impervious bond at overlapping seams. That provides the efficient waterproof protection that homeowners need.

The Titanium PSU-30 has a 36” size per roll and weighs 48 lbs. Its thickness is 45 mils. This product comes with a patented SURE-FOOT slip-resistant technology that would benefit roofers during the installation phase.


GRACE offers two great peel and stick roof underlayment products: Grace Tri-Flex XT and the Grace Ice & Water Shield. Both of them offer strength and durability. Both are great for use beneath all major roof coverings. Their peel and stick quality provides easier and faster installation. Similar to the traits of other brands mentioned above, it comes with a slip-resistant coating that promotes safety. 


The EPDM Peel and Stick Roofing Patch is one of the best peel and stick roof underlayment options because it has been rated for full UV exposure. It also comes with a fully adhered system that provides efficient sealing. It also stops air conditioning and heating loss around penetrations. The EPDM Peel and Stick Roofing Patch is compatible with the majority of building products. 

Peel and Stick Roof Underlayment to Look For

For homeowners who aim to improve their roofing systems, a peel and stick roof underlayment is not a bad choice. It offers multiple benefits as it can withstand UV exposure and it can work as a vapor and air barrier. Ultimately, its purpose is to help protect a home or a structure from harsh weather conditions. It prevents moisture and can also be flexible in all directions.

Opting for a peel and stick roof underlayment can be considered a cheaper option only in terms of labor costs but not material costs. It can help save on labor costs because many people won’t be required for its installation. Typically, one to two persons can work and install it. However, choosing the best peel and stick roof underlayment brands should still require a proper understanding of their products. The brands mentioned above are the premier ones that have been proven and tested by homeowners and roof installers alike. Choose wisely for a roofing system’s longevity.

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