Top 10 Construction Levels in 2020

Having a good construction level is one of the most important factors in any successful project. Levels are used every single day, multiple times per day during any kind of building project, and having one that performs admirably is crucial to the job.

There are a million and one levels out there right now, but only a handful of them actually stand above the rest. Let’s have a look at the best construction levels on the market right now, so you can make the best choice for you and your team.

1. Empire True Blue Box Level (E75 Series)

  • Accuracy is guaranteed with precision milled edges
  • Range of view is maximized with  a 300 degree viewing window
  • Surface grippers stop the level from sliding on any kind of surface

2. Empire LED Box Level 48’ True Blue Ultraview (E95 Series)

  • This level offers superior vial visibility with a UV Activated Optic Brightener and surround dual LEDs
  • 32 hour battery life
  • Automatic shut-off saves battery by turning off the LEDs after 2 minutes of inactivity

3. Irwin Tools 2000 Box Beam Level

  • Scribing through and into corners is doable with retractable end caps
  • Features a continuous edge which improves durability
  • Easy and undistorted viewing when in the plumb position thanks to Plumb Site

4. Irwin Tools 2500 Box Beam Level

  • Extremely durable thanks to high-grade, thick aluminum frame
  • Rubber end caps which are over-molded allow for better shock absorption, ensuring accuracy upon impact
  • Center vial is protected by Continuous Edge, allowing for better accuracy over time

5. Stabila Heavy Duty Level (Type 196)

  • Comes with rubber end caps that grip walls without leaving marks and are also removable for doing work in corners
  • Recalibration not needed thanks to a locked vial system
  • Clear vials which are readable in any direction without suffering an accuracy tolerance change

6. Stabila R Beam (Type 300)

  • User friendly, ergonomic shape
  • Twice as strong horizontally as the heavy duty type 196
  • Lifetime guarantee on the vials, of which there are 2 vertical and 1 horizontal
  • Provides easy viewing from a kneeling position

7. Stanley Fatmax 48 Inch Premium Box Beam w/ Hook Features

  • Comes with very high readability accuracy thanks to a magnified center block vial
  • Features a fold-out rafter hook for convenient, on-site storage
  • Block plumb vials provide .0005-in accuracy on vertical readings

8. Keson LKTRF ABS Plastic Rounded Torpedo Level

  • Unmatched durability thanks to fixed, unbreakable vials
  • Superior visibility with FOCUS vials featuring green contrasts that are easy to see, even in low lighting
  • Unrivaled accuracy provided by magnified, anti-static vials with tight tolerances

9. DeWalt DW088LG Green Cross Line Laser

  • Super resistant to dust and drizzle thanks to an IP65 debris & water resistance rating
  • Highly visible green beams which are up to 10 times brighter than other types of laser levels
  • Can survive a 6 foot drop with no problems
  • Locking pendulum which protects sensitive internal components during movement

10. Empire True Blue Professional Torpedo Level

  • Secure grip provided by a grooved, aluminum frame
  • 3 separate vials allow for accurate, quick measurement vertically and horizontally
  • Overhead viewing from a top window
  • Excellent visibility thanks to an air bubble in each vial with high contrast blue fluid

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