Building Materials Company Spotlight: BELCO Forest Products

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Since 1978, BELCO has been setting the standard when it comes to preservative-treated exterior millwork for use in commercial and residential construction. Based out of Shelton, Washington, this company utilizes a trained workforce of high-quality employees to create top-notch millwork for soffit, interior paneling, porch ceilings, exterior posts, and exterior window trim. They pride themselves […]

How the Shape of Your Roof Affects Materials that Can be Used

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Having your roof replaced is a big decision that can affect your home for years to come. There are many choices that need to be made after deciding to have your roof replaced. One of the most important is what type of roofing material should be used.  Whether you’re re-roofing a home you’ve lived in […]

Building Materials Company Spotlight: HafcoVac

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In many commercial industries, dust explosions caused by the intersection of flammable dust and electric components in vacuums in a huge safety concern. These explosions can range from startling to deadly, and everybody who works in or owns a commercial space where these might occur should be heavily invested in preventing them at all costs. […]

Building Materials Company Spotlight: Avanti Systems

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Avanti Systems is currently at the forefront of interior glass wall technology and applications. They provide acoustic solutions and other glazed solutions for interior use like door systems and operable walls as well. They cater mostly to commercial businesses and companies but their design team can work with any type of client. They have been […]

A Stronger Alternative to Building with Metal and Wood Framing

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Light framing is an important part of any traditionally constructed building. They are built inside the walls of a structure and provide a bridging point between the exterior and interior parts of a wall. The most common materials used for studs today are wood and metal. Both have their respective advantages and disadvantages, and you […]

Cleaning Tips For Warehouses And Industrial Facilities

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When you run a warehouse or industrial facility, cleanliness and maintenance need to be a top priority. Not only does a clean workspace promote a positive work environment, but it prevents accidents. Aside from a moral obligation to protect your employees, government agencies like OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and ANSI (American National […]