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7 High End Architectural Projects Using Reclaimed and Newly Sourced Wood

Wood is one of the richest and most versatile materials in use today. Projects built of wood have lasted for hundreds of years, and many old wood buildings are being put to new use.

And while many people think of reclaimed and newly sourced wood in residential settings, wood makes a beautiful statement in commercial projects as well. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or you’re simply wondering how to incorporate reclaimed materials in your next design, these 7 commercial projects will give you a glimpse of what’s possible with this vibrant and reliable resource. 

1. Upscale Office Space – Boston, MA

By: Saam Architecture

There is nothing quite like the beauty of a wood floor. Unless it’s the beauty of a reclaimed wood floor that shows off the original marks and character of its past life. 

This project done in the financial district of Boston utilizes over 6,000 square feet of unfinished, Rustic Oak flooring. Rustic Oak is a beautiful blend of both red and white oak taken from old barns and other rural structures. It has a rich patina that brings interest to the building, creating a rustic-modern vibe that fits in well with today’s aesthetics and a passion for the environment. 

2. CloudHealth Technologies – Boston, MA

By: Interior Architects

This downtown Boston company recently moved into a new office. The space has an industrial vibe to it, with unfinished ceilings showing off the ducts and pipes, along with lots of clean lines in the partitions and furnishings.

To soften the look of the offices and help bring them more character, reclaimed elm flooring and wall panels were used. Elm is a rare wood to see in new buildings today after so many elm trees were decimated by the Dutch elm disease. That makes a sight like this a rarity, bringing instant interest to the space, as well as warmth and beauty. The elm flooring and panels have been sanded smooth to give them a new life, while their original knot holes and patina still show through.

3. Franklin Lofts – Detroit, MI

By: Jordan Bagus of Larapin Design

This Detroit loft has a long history, with a former life as an electrical equipment manufacturing building. It still has many of its old character, including hooks and chains hanging from the ceiling that speak to its past. 

Every piece that’s been added to the loft in its conversion has some type of character, interesting story, or previous life of its own. This includes things like an old confessional door and the heart pine rustic flooring, made of reclaimed wood. Heart pine has a history that goes back to the start of America, and it’s frequently one of the most sought after materials for floors. This heart pine shows the patina and wear of its previous use, allowing it to blend right in to the rest of this unique loft. 

4. Grand Glaize St Louis Library – St. Louis, MO

By: Bond Architects 

Libraries are more than simply a place to find books; they’re also the heart of many communities and beloved of the people who use them. That’s why so many libraries look to include materials and finishes that are filled with character and warmth – something that will make people want to stay for a while.

This project does just that by including prefinished walnut paneling in its rooms. The rich color of walnut is unmistakable, bringing just the right amount of depth to the rooms. 

5. Morrow Park City Apartments – Pittsburgh, PA

By: BKV Group

An apartment may not be as large as a house, but it’s still a home and needs to reflect that. That’s why many apartment buildings choose to use materials like hardwood for the floors, giving the property that richness and warmth that only wood can bring.

These Park City apartments took things a step further with traditional walnut flooring. Walnut has a purplish color at the heart, bleeding to a lighter color at the sapwood, giving floors a distinctive appearance that can’t be matched. 

6. Penn State Dining Hall – Schuylkill Haven, PA

By: Spillman Farmer Architects

A dining hall at Penn State got a much needed makeover in 2018. The student body wanted something they could be proud of, and they got that when they saw the results. 

Students today are often passionate about the environment and using reclaimed or recycled materials. This project delivers with reclaimed wood paneling in a mix called Vermont Moonlight Medley – a blend of reclaimed woods from New England and the midwest. The diversity of the woods brings a lot of depth and interest to the counters, helping create the ideal focal point to the space. 

7. Woodland Acres Elementary – Houston, TX

By: Smith & Company Architects

When the time came to build a brand new elementary school, architects were inspired by its name – Woodland Acres when giving it its style and design. They opted for a rustic vibe both inside and out, which includes rustic oak treads and box beam lumber and paneling.

Reclaimed rustic oak has a lot of character to it, including saw marks, patina, and nail holes. It adds instant character and dimension to the school, helping it live up better to its name. 

Enhance Your Projects with Wood

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