3 Innovative Manufacturing Trends for Colorado Breweries

Innovative Manufacturing Trends for Colorado Breweries

If you live in Colorado and dabble in the brewery business at all, you know that the state has a particularly competitive bunch of brewers. Owner of some of the best brewers and breweries in America, Colorado is chock-full of beer enthusiasts all looking to get a leg up on one another. 

Perhaps this is why the beer from Colorado is so good, because the level of competition between local brewers ensures that the quality is always improving. But if you happen to own or work for a brewery in Colorado, it can be pretty tough to get ahead when everyone is already at the top of their game. Tough, but not impossible. 

There are always new tips and tricks popping up which have the potential to take your brewery to the next level. In order to help you improve your game, let’s take a look at 3 new innovative manufacturing trends that are taking the brewery industry by storm in Colorado. 

1. Reduced Thermal Energy Consumption

Thermal energy consumption tends to be quite heavy when brewing beer and this is bad for many reasons. First, it’s bad for the environment. Secondly, it’s a bad look for any brewery to be using methods which are considered wasteful and harmful to the environment. So how are breweries in Colorado combating this? With reduced thermal energy consumption techniques. 

One example of these techniques includes using a closed-loop system for generating power that is fed by wastewater and operated with photovoltaic electric panels. 

Breweries in Colorado are also monitoring factors such as waste diversion, water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy consumption. In addition to monitoring these factors, Colorado brewers are also keeping a closer eye on their compressed air systems, their packaging process, and their boiler and steam requirements. By having your boiler at as low of a temperature as possible while still effectively brewing, you can take a large chunk out of your overall thermal energy consumption.

2. AI Integration

You might think AI is only making waves in business or finance, but Colorado brewers will tell you it’s coming in handy during the brewing process now as well. In the past, recipes for certain types of beer and other important things were written down on paper. 

Now, with cloud computing and artificial intelligence-based applications like a PI system, brewers can maintain their consistency and maximize their output during a brew without having to manually adjust things by hand. The PI system is able to ingest data in real-time, allowing it to adjust things like flow rate, pressure, temperature, and fermentation at the drop of a dime. 

Combined with cloud computing, this system is now saving brewery workers a lot of time which they can put towards more productive work. 

3. Efficient Brewery Flooring and Drainage

It might not come to the forefront of your mind when thinking about ways to better your brewery, but having efficient brewery flooring as well as drainage is crucial to running a top-notch brewery. 

Inside a brewery, there are many different chemicals and corrosive materials which make proper brewery flooring essential. Your flooring needs to be able to stand up to constant traffic and abuse without degrading. A corroded or damaged brewery floor can cause a lot more damage than you think, in the form of accidents and spills. 

Making sure your brewery flooring is able to drain properly is a big part of keeping it as healthy as possible. Many breweries currently use a conventional drainage system, which uses huge drainage areas covered by grates to keep the floors drained. These are inefficient, however, and are largely inferior to slotted drains. 

Slot drains are the best sanitary drainage system out right now, and that’s exactly why many Colorado brewers have switched to them. They are much safer than grate-covered drains because they are just tiny cracks in the floor, running the length of the brewery. 

The cracks are so small they don’t even have to be covered by anything, they just collect all waste-water and efficiently drain it to where it’s supposed to be. Slot drains are built in such a way that grime and gunk are not able to build up inside them, and everything that falls into them is washed away quickly. They are stainless steel and incapable of rusting or eroding. 

With slot drains, brewers are able to effectively reduce their risk of contamination, while providing a safer and cleaner brewery floor for their employees. If you are a brewer in Colorado without a sanitary drainage system like slot drains, this is one of the quickest and most effective ways you can improve the efficiency of your business. 

Slot drains don’t need to be cleaned as often as regular drains, and it takes way less time to do so. Many business owners have saved up to 15 thousand dollars (just on cleaning fees) a year by switching to slot drains. 

For breweries in Colorado, these three manufacturing trends can easily help keep the busy blooming in an innovative, cost effective manner. 

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