16 Ideas on How to Achieve a Luxurious Home Affordably

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Imagine having the home you have always dreamt of – a modern home that is stylish, elegant and a masterwork of perfection. Most people tend to think it is more of a dream than reality due to the cost, plus too much work involved. It doesn’t have to be so gruesome.

Here are some of the 16 basic ways you can go about bringing your dream home into a reality.

1. Flowers

Fresh flowers will instantly uplift the mood and create interest in any room. You can use flowers to draw attention to different aspects of the house depending on arrangements. For a contemporary look, use less dense and loose flower arrangement.

Watertight vases and flowers without pollen are high in ensuring your fibers and furniture remains intact. You can also opt for varying vessels to create a lively looking home, and get creative while at it by including a variety in different rooms.

2. Throw pillows

Throws pillows instantly showcase your personality and introduce a cozy feeling in your room regardless of size or style. Place a throw pillow on your furniture depending on the theme you want to create in the house.

The colors of the throw pillows should complement your style and other decorating pieces for a functional and attractive look.

3. Hang art on walls

Beautiful art enlightens a house while it also acts as an anchor to the other decorations in the house. Use solid art pieces to showcase a personal style, sculptural pieces for a subtle geometric theme, and different texture and framings for intimacy and comfort.

Consider lighting up the artwork in your home using ceiling-mounted accent lights or wall washers for a livelier effect.

4. Include Outdoor Furniture

From the patio to wrought iron furniture, to aluminum, real wood, and other cushion fabrics, there is a wide variety of outdoor furniture you can incorporate in your garden. This ensures a refreshing and elegant home look.

Design your exterior space to create a natural extension of the indoors, for a lavish exterior. You can also include eco-friendly outdoor features, a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, and entertainment space for a luxurious touch.

5. Go for the Statement Mirrors.

Mirrors have several great uses in a home. You can use them to create a perfect finish touch, brighten up a room, and to create an illusion of space. Other than the basic uses, the statement mirrors have introduced craft and elegant finishing for a stylish home.

Statement mirrors come in several designs, and are made of different materials to complement your house décor and style.

6. Designer Lighting Fixtures

Most homeowners are known to prefer the tried and tested standard lighting fixtures which have led to monotony and dull looks. A designer light fixture is, therefore, the easiest way to break the monotony and add more elegance to your home that is unlikely achievable with the other basic chandeliers.

Most people tend to think designer fixtures are expensive. Well, you can still find relatively affordable high-end lighting at flea markets and online stores. You can also introduce a new touch to your old chandeliers by adding a drum shade, buffing or painting.

7. Declutter

Some of the features of an elegant looking house are the organization and tidiness. A home full of clutter gives off a crump up and unattractive look. Regular dusting and vacuuming is the easiest and cheapest way to achieve a high end looking home.

Decluttering allows you to display the other accessories around the home and let them stand out. It also helps to avoid damage in the other house elements.

8. Paint

The color of your room has the most significant impact on its feel. You can find it quite hard to settle on a specific paint. Bold and colorful will instantly introduce an elegant feeling to your home, while a solid color like black will give off an upscale feel.

The good aspect of paint is that they are affordable and you can always try out new ideas. Whichever paint you choose, make sure you have corresponding accessories.

9. Install Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings are outdoor shading that comes with superior quality and design and brings a lot of benefits to your home. The great design of modern awnings provides for style and luxury, while also protecting you from rain, heat, sun, UV rays and allergies.

Feel free to create a custom awning with color and patterns for a lovely outdoor with an extended living space and shelter.

10. Pay Attention to Each Room.

When it comes to home decoration, no solution fits all the rooms. The colors, accessories and finishing will vary from each room depending on the activities and the feel you expect.

Achieve an elegant bedroom by including quality furniture, charming bed linens, duvet inserts, and architectural accents. A beautiful living room incorporates excellent arrangements and designer lighting. You should create a checklist for every room and stick to it.

Using room-specific accessories ensures comfort and functionality throughout the home.

11. Include a Rug

Introducing a rug in your living spaces is the easiest way to freshen it up and give it a luxurious feel. You can use them to add interest and pattern in a house. When you use it appropriately, the rug will bind together all the other elements in the house.

A rug will give your room an illusion of a bigger space and prominence. You can also use it to define the different areas of your home elegantly. Also, rugs introduce a feeling of diversity, warmth and coziness in a space.

12. Change the lampshades

Give your home a facelift by reinventing your lampshades. Achieving a sleek feel in your home is easy when you introduce a golden glow on the lampshade. Spray the lampshade with golden fabric paint and include an industrial bubble design.

The lampshade prints also determine the kind of feel at home. Small lovely and flowery prints come with sweetness and elegance. You can also look for attractive colors and high-quality materials for a warm and comfortable home.

13. Include Window Treatment

A window treatment of unique colors and patterns with several materials is excellent for the aesthetic effects in any room. Use a scintillating selection of curtains and drapes for privacy without blocking sunlight.

For a sophisticated look, you can include sheer curtains and linen shades. On the other hand, valances are great for a gorgeous touch, while natural wooden blinds and accessories bring a touch of nature at home.

14. Improve the Entryway

You need to create your entryway such that you experience elegance every time you use the door. You can create an illusion of space and luxurious feel to the place. Flowers are suitable for the aesthetic feeling, and to freshen up space. Including color and unexpected paints also shows your personality and style.

You can as well add new lighting fixtures and a statement piece of art to help set the home tone.

15. Use Hardwood Instead of Carpet

A hardwood floor comes with a classic, elegant and a solid feel to your home over a long period. In contrary to popular opinion, hardwoods are affordable and easy to install. You can choose from different types of wood for the right price. With the hardwood floor, you don’t have to think about carpets.

You should go for the darker wood and match with a rug for a luxurious appearance.

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